• Active Directory monitoring tool

    Keck provides several reports to help you with Active Directory monitoring.


    User Reports

    User Account Status Reports


    - Recently Created Users Report

    - Recently Modified Users Report

    - Dial-in Allow Access Report

    - Dial-in Deny Access Report

    - Users with Logon Script Report

    - Users without Logon Script Report

    - Disabled Users Report

    - Account Expired Users Report

    - Recently Account Expired Users Report

    - Soon-to-expire User Accounts Report

    - Account Never Expiry Users Report

    Users Logon Reports

    Group Reports


    - Inactive Users Report

    - User's Last Logon Time Report

    - Recently Logged on Users Report

    - Logon Hour Based Report

    - Users Never Logged On Report

    - Enabled Users Report

    - Recently Bad Logged on Users Report


    - All Groups Report

    - Security Groups Report

    - Distribution Groups Report

    - Group Types and Scopes Report

    - Groups without Members Report

    - Groups with Members Report

    - Nested Groups

    Password Reports

    Nested Users Reports


    - Users whose passwords never expire Report

    - Users who can't change their passwords Report

    - Password Expired Users Report

    - Soon to Expire User Passwords Report

    - Recently Changed Password Report

    - Password Not Recently Changed Report

    - Users in a Group Report

    - Groups for a User Report


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