Keck 2.5 Web Active Directory Management Tool


    Keck Active Directory Manager 2.5 allows you to view recent user, group and server activity all from its customizable dashboard.  With Active Directory web management, you can edit users and groups, view more detailed reports and manage your directory’s events and services with just a few clicks.  Not only that, you can access Keck AD Manager from your smartphone or iPad.


    Keck Active Directory Manager 2.5’s web application enables you to access your Active Directory even when you’re away from the office.  You can securely see what’s going on and make changes anywhere you have Internet access (yes, even in the restroom).

    - Multi-Level Permissions
    Keck 2.5 allows you to grant access to only what your users need, not administrative access to your Active Directory.
    - Customizable Dashboard & Reports
    Keck 2.5’s Dashboard allows you to view events and services on your server.  See user, group and server activity and choose between pie, bar and chart graphs.  Also, you can easily see reports on users, passwords and groups by clicking on AD Reports.
    - Mobile & Secure - Even Across Domains
    Keck 2.5 utilizes IIS, which allows you to access the server from your smartphone or iPad and make changes remotely.  It also ensures that your information will be protected.
    - Stunning, User-Friendly Design That YOU Can Personalize
    Choose the chart type that you prefer and add bookmarks to accomplish tasks even more efficiently.
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