• keck minimum requirementsExchange360can be installed on ANY Windows machine running IIS version 6.x or higher.


    - If the web server is on a separate network (DMZ) than your AD Server, you will need to make sure that access to the AD Server is available through LDAP Port 389 by setting it up in your Firewall. This is essential for the Web Server to communicate with the Active Directory.

    How can I test for LDAP connection?

    - If you would like to setup Keck with its own URL, please make sure that you have the appropriate DNS entry that resolves the website address to the IP of the web server.

    How can I test if my DNS is resolving to the correct IP?

    - Domain Controller: Windows 2008 Standard or Enterprise Edition

    Exchange360 will install .Net framework v3.5 as part of the installation (if it is not already installed). Please note that Microsoft allows .Net framework v3.5 to be installed side-by-side on .Net Framework 4.0 (if you already have 4.0 installed).

    Click here if you want to Download .NET 3.5 and install it on your own.

    - The installer requires a Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 to be installed on the machine to run. Microsoft allows multiple .NET Frameworks to co-exist even if you have a higher version already installed on your machine.

    - The Active Directory should be running on Windows 2003, 2008, R2, or Windows 2012 version.

    - Compatible with Exchange 2007, 2010, and 2013.

    - Current version supports the "Default E-mail address policy".



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