• What are the Types of Active Directory Security?


    There are three basic types of group types that can be used to access resources: domain local, global, and universal. The only group that has its members placed in the global catalog is the universal group. This means that you can grant universal security groups permissions for files in any domain in the forest. A member that is only part of the domain local group can join other domains; however, they only gain rights and permissions for the original domain where the local group resides. In the global group, members can be given permissions for their own domain, and also in other trusted domains. Global members can become members of local groups, but they can only contain accounts from their original domain. 

    Each of these group types has two types of security settings: Security groups, or Distribution groups. With security group types, members can have access to shared network folders, printers, files, and other resources. This is an efficient solution because instead of giving each individual user rights one at a time, you can give the entire security group rights a particular resource. Any user who is a member of that group will now have access to any resource its group has permission for. A distribution group is a group that can only be used with email distribution lists such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Distribution groups are unable to access any other network resources. In order to accomplish this, you must use a security group. It is important to note that security group members can also be members of email distribution lists. 

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