• What are the Types of Active Directory Authentication?


    Anonymous authentication is typically used for public facing websites, and allows anyone to use the sites while preventing access to pages where the user doesn’t have the necessary rights to gain access. If multiple methods of authentication are being utilized where Anonymous is included, this will always be the first layer of authentication.

    Basic authentication, while limited to 64 bit encoding, provides for usernames and passwords to be transmitted from the point of access at the browser to the server in plain text. Rejected credentials are repeatedly prompted for reentry until they are accepted. The details can be monitored at the point of access.

    Certificate authentication uses Secure Socket Layer, or SSL as an additional layer with two types of certificates. Server certificates copied to the client’s computer assures that the website is authentic whereas client certificates attest that the client accessing the site is genuine. Certificate information is pertinent to the source, in other words.

    Digest authentication is similar to Basic with the exception that the data is always encrypted and never decrypted. It creates a means of bouncing hash code back and forth between the server and the browser in order to compare a hashed value derived from the user’s correct input details. Access is granted when the hashes are made, along with additional information regarding the user who is logging on

    Integrated Windows Authentication is a safe, secure access method that uses the Kerberos encryption method. Client and server are already validated, one against the other, as the user logs onto a Windows network. This is the best method for an Intranet/VPN system.


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