• Keck FAQ

    Is Keck secure?
    Yes, Keck utilizes secure connections at every level. If additional security is required beyond Microsoft Windows authentication, select the SSL option during installation which will ensure an https: connection between you and your servers.

    Do I need to purchase an SSL Cert to use the SSL option?
    No, Keck can generate a self-signed certificate during the SSL installation. It also has the option to use an existing certificate that you may have created through VeriSign on any other Cert Creation Authority.

    Note: Please be aware that you may get a certificate warning when accessing the site through your browser if the cert is not tied to a Root Certificate. You should, however, be able to continue to access the site once you have acknowledged the warning alert.

    How can I verify if the required features are installed?

    In order to verify that you have the Application Development Features installed as part of your IIS, you can follow the following steps:

    For Windows 7 / Vista / XP:
    You will need to select Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel and then click on Add/Remove Windows Components.  Application Development Features should be listed under Internet Information Services.  Make sure that .Net, ASP, ASP.NET, ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters are checked.  Complete the installation if necessary.
    For Windows 2008:
    To Install and verify IIS with ALL Application Development Role Services:
    • Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
    • Right click Roles -> Add Roles
    • Select Web Server (IIS) from the Role list
    • Click Next.
    • Click Next.
    • From the role service list, leave all the defaults selected and check all services under
    "Application Development" and complete the wizard by clicking on Next and then Close.
    Can I export information from Keck to other applications?
    Yes, Keck allows for the export of all reports to Excel or a comma separated text file.

    Will Keck work over a VPN?
    Yes, Keck will work in virtually all networking environments, including bridged networks.

    Are changes to the Active Directory executed by Keck immediate or delayed?
    All Active Directory changes made by Keck go into effect immediately, just as they would if executed directly from the server's console.

    Can I use Keck and Windows AD at the same time?
    Yes, Keck will work both as your primary AD management tool or as a supplement to built-in Windows AD Tools.

    Does Keck start and stop services like Windows does?
    Yes, with Keck you can start and stop critical services just as you now do using the built-in Windows tools. Keck will prompt you if a service that you are trying to start or stop has dependent services. Keck also provides access to common Event Logs so you can look for any warnings or errors that may have resulted in an abrupt shut-down of a service on a specific server.

    Can I use Keck on a mobile device?
    Yes, you can manage your active directory from any web enabled device running a current web browser. Future releases will run as an application on the most popular mobile devices.

    Am I limited to a single server per Keck user license?
    No, Keck is licensed per domain. You can manage as many servers as you have in a single domain.

    Do I need to change my network to use Keck to manage my AD servers?
    Generally, no, however you may need to verify that your firewall allows access to the port you select if you install the SSL version of Keck.

    Does TechToolbox have access to my network via Keck?
    No. Only you and your authorized personnel will have access to your network. TechToolbox, nor any other unauthorized party, has any way to access any customer's server(s) via Keck.

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